Sunday, April 16, 2017

TotW 4/13: April Fools!

APRIL FOOLS, these questions were supposed to be used back in the first week of April! With a missed week and a secret post we've been saving until next week, we took this opportunity to talk with Continuity Care Team 13 about the best and worst of April Fools!

From L to R: Faizan (M1), Rebecca (M2), Grace (M3), Roland (M4)
1) APRIL FOOLS! What’s the best April Fools prank you’ve witnessed?
Faizan (M1): In college, my roommates all printed out embarrassing photos of my friend, and his girlfriend came and saw all the photos and he was mad embarrassed.
Rebecca (M2): Freshman year of college, my guy friend hid on the top bunk and my conservative friend went up the ladder and freaked out that there was a boy in her bed and screamed and the RA came running down the hall.
Grace (M3): In 5th grade class photo day, everyone pressed the Whoopie Cushion and no one could focus during the photo (Roland: “Actually she was just having GI problems”)
Roland (M4): In High School, in AOL Instant Messenger, someone made a SN one letter off from my crush to pretend to be her, and he got me to ask her out and then he said April Fools!
2) When is a time you’ve made a fool of yourself?
Faizan (M1): One time I went into the women’s bathroom and didn’t know it. I was washing up and a woman walked out of the stall and I gave her a weird look, but she gave me a weird look and it was all wack.
Rebecca (M2): Everyday.
Grace (M3): Today. Everyday.
Roland (M4): See April’s Fools answer.
3) Did you know if say snowman slowly enough it sounds like gullible?
Faizan (M1): *Stood confused with hands in pocket*
Rebecca (M2): You’re just supposed to say it.
Grace (M3): Say… snowman… slowly??
Roland (M4): Woooowww.

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