Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SCMotW 4/11: Time

Adiba Anam, is an all-star a member of Education who definitely doesn't feel like she's running out of time with how she works NON-STOP to make sure that all of our Student Soctors and Steering Committee Members get the educational credit they deserve for being a part of Promise Clinic! We decided to ask her some time-related questions because of it.

Adiba Anam (M1) on Education

1) If you could go to any time period and live there for a week, when would it be?
Adiba Anam (M1): "The Elizabethan era. I'd like to hang out with Shakespeare. I have some longstanding questions about Hamlet's emo-ness." (We definitely all do, Adiba.)
2) If you could go to any time period and live there forever, what time period would you go to?
Adiba Anam (M1): "The age of the hobbits. I'd walk halfway towards Mordor, turn back, and become a strawberry farmer in the Shire." (Potatoes might go over better there, actually.)
3) If you suddenly gained the ability to time travel, would you go into the past or future?
Adiba Anam (M1): "The future. I've always wondered if 'baskets' would still be a thing in 2076."

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