Sunday, April 22, 2018

TotW: Urgent Care Team 5 plus Dan

Our Team of the Week from the week before last is Urgent Care Team 5. They saw Team 32's patient on an urgent care basis in an amazing way and incorporated Team 32's M2 Dan Levin really well! Plus...a picture of a cute doggy, and who can resist that??

From left to right: Emily Livingston (M2), Deesha Sarma (M3),
Jessica Bernstein (M4), Dan Levin (M2), Dan Reyes (M1)

...and hilarious poses

Beau (Dan L.'s TRULY adorable pup)

1. If you were to be a city, what city would it be and why?

Dan Reyes (M1): Hong Kong because lots of people with tons of stuff to do, and it’s beautiful.

Emily Livingston (M2): Newport beach because two of our members are from there!

Dan Levin (M2): Underwater Atlantis because there’s no one there, and that is ideal.

Deesha Sarma (M3): New York City because it’s exciting and never sleeps.

Jessica Bernstein (M4): Miami because work-hard-play-hard, and I'm moving there in 5 weeks (for orthopedic surgery). People think I speak Spanish but I don’t!

2. If you were to be a cheese, what would it be and why?

Dan R.: Trader Joe’s Sriracha Cheddar because it is fantastic.

Emily: Cow Girl Triple Creamery Brie because triple cream!

Dan L.: Nice simple cheddar because it is simple and reliable.

Deesha: Brie with honey because it is exciting.

Jessica: Blue cheese because some people hate me, and I taste good with taste.

3. If you could sit down on a beautiful bench in the woods who would you be sitting next to?

Dan R.: Barack Obama. I can’t say why exactly, I just wanna meet him.

Emily: My roommate Tricia because she’s a lifesaver!

Dan L.: My dog Beau (see above). Because he’s Beau.

Deesha: My grandma.

Jessica: Whatever creature I hallucinate in the beautiful woods.

H.I.P.H.O.P. 5K!

Last Saturday was the H.I.P.H.O.P. 5K, an amazing and fun event that supports Promise Clinic as well as H.I.P.H.O.P. and its community initiatives. The weather was absolutely perfect (if anything, just a little hot), and some of us ran and some walked and we all had a blast. Then, we finished up a great day with some awesome hot dogs from Destination Dogs! A treat well earned...