Friday, February 24, 2017

TotW 2/16: Avoiding Valentines

Continuity Care Team 29 was going to answer some Valentines Day Related questions. That didn't happen. Instead, we get some fun spring related and so we SPRUNG into these answers! Since it was their patient's birthday, he agreed to be featured for this week as well!
From L to R: Benjamin Van Pratt Levin (M2), Morgan Dun (M1), their patient, Jeremy Tang (MD/PhD), Jaya Kanduri (M4)

1) What are you excited about for spring?
Morgan Dunn (M1): Warm weather. That’s it. I’ll take it
Benjamin Van Pratt Levin (M2): Moving to a new apartment on March 4th!
Jaya Kanduri (M4): Going on vacation to Thailand and California
Jeremy Tang (MD/PhD): Warm weather. Seasonal allergies. Allegra, claritin, everything.

2) What’s your dream vacation?  
Morgan Dunn (M1):  Bora Bora because I saw it on a trip planner one time and it looked incredible
Benjamin Van Pratt Levin (M2): Macchu Pichu because I watched the movie about Che Guevara called Motorcycle Diaries in high school and its hows up there
Jaya Kanduri (M4): I want to go to Anartica to see polar bears and before the ice melts
Jeremy Tang (MD/PhD): Let’s do Hawaii because I already had my honeymoon there so I want to go back and relax 

3) Give us a fun fact!
Morgan Dunn (M1):  I made a quilt for my bed one time - its a queen size! I made it when I was 18 in high school.
Benjamin Van Pratt Levin (M2):  My go to fun fact is that I once built a bicycle out of bamboo and it worked
Jaya Kanduri (M4): I was in an acapella group in college. It was called iTunes. You can’t link to it but people can find it if they want.
Jeremy Tang (MD/PhD):  I was born in Basel, Switzerland. I moved when I was six months old

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SCMotW 2/14: Canadian Flag Day

Valentines Day happened this month, but across everyone at Promise Clinic no one wanted to answer V Day related questions! For that, I will refer our readers to this great psychology today article on the many different kinds of love

As far as other holidays in February go, February 15 is Canadian National Flag Day! Oby Ibe, an M3 member of Community Outreach answered questions about our Hat to the north.
Oby Ibe (M3) on Community Outreach

1) Have you ever been to Canada? If so, where? If not, where would you like to go?

Oby Ibe (M3): "Nope! But I heard that Banff, Canada is beautiful!"

2) What's your favorite breakfast food (which you might be able to put Maple Syrup on?)

Oby Ibe (M3): "French toast (with a side of 2 eggs fried hard and some bacon)"

3) Prime Minister heart throb Justin Trudeau said "There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada....There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice. Those qualities are what make us the first postnational state." What is a way you embody Canadian values?

Oby Ibe (M3): " I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Community Outreach Committee and Team 32 for the last 3 years and I believe both of those teams embody all of those qualities (and more!) and always challenge me to do the same. Whether it be creating new ways to engage the Elijah's Promise Community to researching resources for our patient in her community, to creating an open environment where clients/patients feel comfortable divulging whats concerning them, I believe that these values are a guiding force for what we do everyday!"