Saturday, December 3, 2016

"Pursuing Medicine: Reflection of a Senior Medical Student"

One of our Student Doctors, Okey Anochie (M4) recently published a reflection on life as a senior medical student. His words encourage students to consider socially conscious medicine and express the gratitude that comes with being able to create moments of healing vulnerability with patients:

As a fourth-year medical student, I enjoy introducing myself to patients as the 'extra eyes and ears of the team, so feel free to tell me anything you forgot or would like to address, even if you think it’s irrelevant or burdensome. I will be your advocate.' As I establish rapport with them, the walls come down, and they often provide important information that helps my team provide the best care for them. I understand that being sick and lying on a hospital bed in the care of complete strangers is one of the most vulnerable moments in the lives of patients, especially when the caregivers may not understand the patient’s cultural beliefs or when there’s a communication barrier. This is especially important among minority patients or those of lower socioeconomic status. Taking the extra time to explain the medical 'jargon' of their diagnoses and their treatment plan and why such plan is necessary, and also addressing their quiet concerns helps fortify trust and may even expedite the recovery process.

Read the whole article at the original website, In-Training. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

TotW 11/17: Thanksgiving

 It’s Thanksgiving today folks, but since we didn’t have clinic we figured it would be perfect if we heard what Continuity Care Team 25 had planned for their Thanksgiving day a week before. As always, everyone here at Promise Clinic is grateful for everyone who makes Promise Clinic happen! From our partners, Elijah’s Promise and Eric B. Chandler Health Center, to our Student Doctor Teams and of course our Steering Committee as well! There’s always a lot to be thankful for on clinic nights, today, and all year round!

From L to R: Sang Hoon Kim (M3), Daniel Haddad (M1), Grace Obienu (M1 Shadowing)

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? How do you do it every year?

Daniel Haddad (M1): “Yeah, the family comes over and we EAT.”

Sang Hoon Kim (M3): “Yes, with a potluck with friends.”

Grace Obienu (M1): “Yeah, and this is the first year my son will be old enough to walk around and might be able to have more time with the family.”

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food??

Daniel Haddad (M1): Pecan Pie

Sang Hoon Kim (M3): Lobster Macaroni (He’s going to try to make it)

Grace Obienu (M1): “Nothing specific.”

What’s something you’re grateful for this year?

Daniel Haddad (M1): “Family, friends and being at RWJMS.”

Sang Hoon Kim (M3): A roommate who brings me liquids I enjoy consuming and cannolis.”

Grace Obienu (M1): “Supportive family and a great Promise Clinic Team.”

What’s something you got to learn today?

Daniel Haddad (M1): “I learned a whole lot, observed an arthrocentesis and steroid injection.”

Grace Obienu (M1): “Because of that I got to use some lower limb anatomy!” (Which the M1’s just learned… and while most forgot, Grace didn’t!