Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SCMotW 5/10: Three Favorites

We are highlighting a Promise Clinic ROCKSTAR tonight folks. Part of it is that she's from this writer's very own subcommittee. But even if she wasn't Ila Nimgaonkar, a member of Operations, is definitely worth highlighting because of the incredible amount of work she has put into organizing a Spanish-speaking depression support group for Promise Clinic patients! We decided to ask her some of her favorite things for this week's Steering Committee Member of the Week.

Ila Nimgaonkar (MD/PhD) on Operations, with Jeff Brenner, the Promise Clinic Gala Keynote Speaker in 2015
1) Who are your three favorite musicians?
Ila Nimgaonkar (MD/PhD): "Lauryn Hill and the Beatles are my two most long-standing favorites; otherwise I have short obsessions over many artists (right now listening to a lot of Kaytranada). I had the privilege of seeing Lauryn Hill live in concert in December; definitely a moment I will remember for the rest of my life - she is an incredible musician and person."
2) What are your three favorite books?
Ila Nimgaonkar (MD/PhD): "The Little Prince, Sophie's World, Fields Virology (just kidding, kind of)."
3) What are your three favorite movies?
Ila Nimgaonkar (MD/PhD): "Obsessed with everything Miyazaki (favorite movie by him: Howl's Moving Castle), also more recently obsessed with the director Tomm Moore (fav movie: Song of the Sea)."

Thursday, May 18, 2017

TotW 5/18: (Late) May Day

This week at Clinic, we are highlighting Continuity Care Team 20 whose patient came in after a year of being lost to follow-up!

From L to R: Andrew Glavin (M1), Akash Patel (M3)
1) In Minneapolis every year there’s a May Day Parade full of life-sized puppets. What kind of life-size puppets would you like to  march in a parade with?
Andrew Glavin (M1): “I would say road runner.”
Akash Patel (M3): “A t-rex”
2) What’s your favorite kind of flower?
Andrew Glavin (M1): “I'm only going to say this because we make fun of my dad because he says its his favorite-- the tulip.”
Akash Patel (M3): “I don't have too much experience with flowers, but I like roses that aren’t red.”
3) What was your major, and at what school? (This was a Team 20 original!)
Andrew Glavin (M1): "Health Sciences at Gettysburg."
Akash Patel (M3): "VCU biology."

3) What was your favroite sports team?
Andrew Glavin (M1): "Eagles. Philly Eagles"
Akash Patel (M3): "Giants."