Wednesday, June 20, 2018

TotW (a long time coming!!): Team 31

It has been a long time since Team 31 has seen a patient, but recently at Promise Clinic, they actually saw TWO patients in one night!! They did an amazing job, managed their time well, and it was Eli's birthday!🎈🎉🌸Tomorrow is the first day of summer, so they answered a few summer-related questions to celebrate! They do make valid points about the downside of summer, though, I have to say...

From left to right: Eli Cadoff (MD/PhD), Nathalia Arias-Alzate (soon-to-be M2),
Rosaline Ma (soon-to-be M4)
1. What is the best part of summer?

Nathalia (M1): Weather.

Eli (MD/PhD): BBQs and relaxing outside.

Rosaline (M3): Warm weather.

2. What is the worst part of summer?

Nathalia (M1): Mosquitos. 

Eli (MD/PhD): Being hot all the time.

Rosaline (M3): The humidity.

3. What is your favorite beach?

Nathalia (M1): South Beach (Miami).

Eli (MD/PhD): Lake Michigan (yes it counts).

Rosaline (M3): Wherever it's not too crowded.