Thursday, May 18, 2017

TotW 5/18: (Late) May Day

This week at Clinic, we are highlighting Continuity Care Team 20 whose patient came in after a year of being lost to follow-up!

From L to R: Andrew Glavin (M1), Akash Patel (M3)
1) In Minneapolis every year there’s a May Day Parade full of life-sized puppets. What kind of life-size puppets would you like to  march in a parade with?
Andrew Glavin (M1): “I would say road runner.”
Akash Patel (M3): “A t-rex”
2) What’s your favorite kind of flower?
Andrew Glavin (M1): “I'm only going to say this because we make fun of my dad because he says its his favorite-- the tulip.”
Akash Patel (M3): “I don't have too much experience with flowers, but I like roses that aren’t red.”
3) What was your major, and at what school? (This was a Team 20 original!)
Andrew Glavin (M1): "Health Sciences at Gettysburg."
Akash Patel (M3): "VCU biology."

3) What was your favroite sports team?
Andrew Glavin (M1): "Eagles. Philly Eagles"
Akash Patel (M3): "Giants."


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

SCMotW 5/16: Bands and Stuff

The year, at least for M1's, is quickly winding down. Just about a week before the final micro exam! We're going to keep this week's Steering Committee Member of the week short and sweet. Our highlight, Debby Chen, an M3 member of Labs now holds the record for fastest SCMotW response yet!

Debby Chen, M3 on Labs
1) If you had a band, what would it's name be?
Debby Chen (M3): "That Band You Like"
2) What would the name of the first album be?
Debby Chen (M3): "Let's Go"
3) If you could see the world in only one color, what color would it be?
Debby Chen (M3): "That fiery orange-pink you see in sunsets."