Tuesday, September 18, 2018

TotW: Team 22

Usually, Team 22 is one of the last teams to leave, but last Thursday they were on FIRE! They got their patient out quickly and finished up in a speedy fashion....not to mention the fact that every member of their team was present in clinic. To celebrate, they got awarded the coveted title of Team of the Week. Thank you for being awesome, Team 22!

From left to right: Carly Borinsky (M4), Stephanie Latham (M2), Kristin Blackledge (M1),
Nirav Haribhakti (M3), Alyssa Magan (PharmD)

1. If you were not going to become a doctor, what career path would you have chosen?

Carly: Interior designer
Kristi: Chef
Nirav: Philosopher
Alyssa: Math teacher
Stephanie: English Teacher

2. What is your favorite TV show?

Carly: Homeland and Shameless
Kristi: Friends
Nirav: Everyone Loves Raymond
Alyssa: Friends
Stephanie: Friends

3. What is your favorite country you have visited?
Carly: Spain/Israel
Kristi: Dominican Republic
Nirav: Canada
Alyssa: Italy 
Stephanie: Ireland

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

RWJ Instagram features TWO of our Promise Clinic student Directors!

You may or may not follow @RWJMS on Instagram, but if you do, you will notice that TWO of our amazing Promise Clinic student directors were featured recently: Deesha Sarma (M4) and Caroline Kwon (M4). In case you missed it, here are the pictures of them with their original captions from RWJMS's page. These two women are so amazing and we are incredibly proud of all their hard work both in and out of Promise Clinic! 

Dr. Christina Duzyji-Buniak and fourth-year students Becky Tempkin and Caroline Kwon '19 representing the medical school at the AMA student-led meeting in Hershey, PA @amermedicalassn

Deesha Sarma '19 is pursuing her degree with a Distinction in Global Health where she is working to ensure access to surgical care in Colombia. She recently traveled to MedellĂ­n to examine the infrastructure for available care.