Monday, January 7, 2019

Steering Committee Member of the Week: Nathalia Arias-Alzate

Where would Promise Clinic be without the Communications team? The Communications Steering Committee is an integral part of the clinic's operations and its members ensure that we can connect and stay connected with our patients in a professional and efficient manner. From reminding patients about appointments to scheduling specialty care visits to interpreting for our patients, one can see that the members of the Communications team are truly the voice of clinic. Nathalia is one such talented member and on Thursdays, you can find her at the front desk, performing all these tasks almost effortlessly. So next time you visit clinic, remember to stop by and say Hola! 

1. What is one thing that you are going to start doing in 2019 and one thing that you are going to continue doing?

I am going to start Barre class and I am going to continue praying and thanking God more often. 

2. Your best winter break moment?

Any moment I spent with my family, boyfriend, or dogs.

3. What is the best gift that someone has given you?

A ring my parents gave me for my quinceaƱera

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Steering Committee Member of the Week: Julia Zheng 

Promise Clinic provides free primary care services for the uninsured population in New Brunswick, but the clinic has only been a success because our attendings and student doctors are able to collaborate with specialty care physicians in the area to whether it is for something routine like a colonoscopy, or something major, like a hip replacement. The Specialty Care steering committee works relentlessly, walking our patients through Charity Care applications and acting as a liaison between external providers, the patients, and the student doctors to make sure everything runs smoothly and that in the end, our patients get the best care possible. This week, we'd like to introduce you to Julia Zheng, one of six people part of the specialty care team and also a co-chair of the steering committee!

1. What are your favorite holiday traditions that you have with family or friends?

My family likes to travel over the holidays. My parents neither gamble nor drink, so this year, naturally, we're going to Vegas. 

2. Favorite thing to do on a Tuesday?

My favorite past time on Two's days is to look forward to Five's days.

3. Your favorite magical/mythological animal and why?

Errol, Ron Weasley's owl, because I too am bird brained and have a tendency to run into glass.