Sunday, November 11, 2018

TotW: Urgent Care Team 45!

Let's switch it up this week by highlighting one of our six urgent care teams who treat new recruits and walk-in patients at Promise Clinic! Meet the members of Team 45, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Vanessa Ortiz, and Meagan Hawes.

Left to Right: Kevin Fitzpatrick (M4), Vanessa Ortiz (M1), Meagan Hawes (M2)
(Not Featured: Stephanie Oh and Ila Nimgaonkar)

1. If you could give one advice to your past pre-med self?
Kevin: Remember to hang out with you friends.
Vanessa: Don't be so focused on timing. It happens when it happens and not everyone is on the same track. Have fun - go on vacations!
Meagan: Continue reading fiction.

2. Speaking of books, what's your favorite novel series?
Kevin: What's reading? 😂
Vanessa: The Series of Unfortunate Events 
Meagan: The Chronicles of Narnia

3. What would your last meal be before you die?
Kevin: Fat Cat with Bacon
Vanessa: Chicken Parm
Meagan: Something around a campfire!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

TotW: Team 24!

Team 24 is highlighted this week not only because they are made up of two of our awesome Promise Clinic Steering Committee members, Delaney (Operations) and Jack (Community Outreach), but also for their unrelenting support for their patient and their cheerful demeanor and warmth which makes them a hit at clinic every time!

Standing (left to right) - Emma Rogers (M4), Oladeji Odewade (M3)
Sitting (left to right) - Delaney Scollan (M2), Jack Hayes (M1)

1. If you could have a serious relationship with any historical figure who would it be?
Jack: Cleopatra 
Delaney: Harriet Tubman, because she is fearless and would be incredible as a friend and mentor
Deji: Rosie the Riveter
Emma: Abe Lincoln

2. What ice cream topping would you be and why?
Jack: Hot fudge because it's classic and reliable
Delaney: Vanilla ice cream dipped in cherry dip because I don’t like other toppings and it reminds me of my childhood
Deji: Chocolate sprinkles
Emma: Rainbow sprinkles because of the aesthetic

3. What's your favorite organ and why?
Jack: Heart because it's basic
Delaney: Spleen because it's weird and underestimated
Deji: Appendix because it's always trying to fit in
Emma: Skin because it's often forgotten