Committee Descriptions


The Operations Committee consists of clinic directors, managers, schedulers, and first year representatives. Members act as liasons between the steering committee, student-doctors, preceptors, faculty advisors, and clinic staff. The committee manage the flow of clinic on a weekly basis and work with other committees to realize long-term goals for Promise Clinic.


The Lab Committee manages all lab testing during clinic hours. Members prepare and assist teams with blood draws, urine samples, finger stick glucose, and other lab procedures as needed. they also collaborate with the Middlesex County Department of Health to provide mammography, pap smear, and colon cancer screening for PC patients through the CEED program.


The Pharmacy Committee provides patients with prescription and vouchers to obtain medication from a local pharmacy at no cost to the patient. A student pharmacist is present during clinic hours to assist teams in reviewing patient medications for potential drug interactions and side effects. They also guide teams in getting their patients into appropriate Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs).

Specialty Care

The Specialty Care Committee works to increase the breadth of specialized medical resources available to Promise Clinic patients and to streamline the process of obtaining care. A member is available during clinic hours to provide teams with the requested specialist's contact information and if necessary, assistance with the Charity Care program.


The Education Committee serves to make The Promise Clinic a model learning experience for student doctors. Committee members maintain student attendance records for patient appointments and teaching sessions. The Committee will serve as a liaison between the Steering Committee and RWJMS staff regarding student completion of requirements.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee works with Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen, nursing staff, AMA, COPC, and other PC committees to facilitate patient recruitment and ensure patient follow-up. They coordinate bi-weekly screening efforts at Elijah's Promise Coup kitchen, and work to improve the health of the population by developing public health education materials and programs. They also coordinate clinic-wide interventions to target prevalent diseases by administering and analyzing the annual Patient Demographic Survey and encourage student-doctors to practice preventive medicine.


The Quality Improvement Committee identifies and targets areas where patient safety is at the greatest risk, which includes both overall clinic administrations and specific team practices. Members work to improve the efficiency and production of Promise Clinic by gathering data from student-doctor visits and using the data to implement Best Practices.

Finance and Grants

The Finance and Grants Committee manages the clinic budget and works closely with other committees to monitor expenses. Members coordinate fundraising efforts within the community and work on obtaining grants.


The Communications Committee manages contact with all Promise Clinic patients. They are responsible for contacting patients regarding appointments and outpatient care, and work closely with clinic schedulers to arrange new patient appointments and follow-up appointments.