Saturday, April 22, 2017

TotW 2/20: Team Social Work

Promise Clinic relies every week on two people who work diligently to ensure our patients receive adequate care. They connect them with services, check in on their mental hygiene, and act as a familiar face between Elijah's Promise and Clinic. These two people this year were Jamie Boschee and Jaqueline Gonzalez, our two Rutgers Social Work students. Their last day at Clinic was this Thursday and we are sincerely going to miss them, their spirits, and everything they do in clinic every week!

Since April showers bring May flowers, we asked them some questions about rain!

Jamie Boschee (S1), Dr. Lin, Jacqueline Gonzalez (S2)

1) What’s your favorite song about rain?
Jamie Boschee (S1): ” ‘I wish it would rain’ by The Temptations “
Jacqueline Gonzalez (S2): “What’s that missy Elliot song? ‘I can’t stand the raiiiinnn.’[she was singing it, in case that wasn’t clear] It’s an old song.”
2) What’s the coolest memory you have of rain? (Or general water things)
Jamie Boschee (S1): “It rains every year on my birthday no fail, so I guess I would say my birthday” Jackie interrupts: “She can tell if it’s going to rain! She can smell it!”  
Back to Jamie: “I can smell it before it rains. At least that’s how it was in Montana.”
Jackie interjects:  “From INSIDE!!”
Jacqueline Gonzalez (S2): ”Sorority sisters and I once danced in the rain... I hate admitting this out loud. It’s a real thing that actually happened.”
3) What’s your favorite water-based beverage?
Jamie Boschee (S1): “Coffee. Like hands down, coffee.”

Jacqueline Gonzalez (S2): “I only drink water! I don’t even have juice!”

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