Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SCMotW 3/28: Matched Directors

Match Day Happened! We'll be highlighting the M4's of Promise Clinic and the various directions they're going in after they graduate. I might repeat some questions, but in my opinion, it's because they're pretty great. This week we have the M4 Student Directors from Operations, all listed below!

From L to R: Jimmy Lin, Christine Tolias, Sanjay Jumani

1) Matches are often used to light candles. What is your favorite candle scent/smell in general?
Christine Tolias (M4): "I love anything lavender."
Jimmy Lin (M4): "Vanilla or anything sweet."
Sanjay Jumani (M4): "I heard that in an emergency, a crayon can be used as a candle and will burn for 30 minutes. My favorite scent is that. Or maybe when your arm hair accidentally catches on fire. Mmmmmmmm reminds me of childhood. Don't play with matches, kids. Or in this case, the adult age followers of this blog."
2) Matching often happens on dating platforms-- do you have any horrible first date stories? If not (or if you would rather answer something else) what's your favorite RomCom/Movie about Love?
Christine Tolias (M4): "My favorite romcom is Love Actually."
Jimmy Lin (M4): "My favorite RomCom is About Time."
Sanjay Jumani (M4): "Dates? Oh I love dates-I have a few every week! They're so sweet, and they sell medjool dates by the pound at Costco! My worst date story? One time I opened a package and all the dates were gross and melted together; they probably had been sitting on the grocery store shelf too long. What do you mean that's the wrong date? Oh like dates? With humans? HahahahHAHAHA I'M THRIVING MENTALLY THANKS FOR ASKING."
3) Where'd you match and into what?
Christine Tolias (M4): "Matched at NYU for Pediatrics!"
Jimmy Lin (M4): "Cornell for Anesthesiology."
Sanjay Jumani (M4): "I matched into the Internal Medicine/Pediatrics program at University of Chicago!"

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