Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Alumnus Highlight: Aileen Arriola

Aileen Arriola, 2012
Name:  Aileen Arriola.
Class Year: 2012
Role at Promise Clinic: Started as first year rep then worked my way up to Student Director
What did you do after graduating from Robert Wood Johnson?  
Completed an Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. 
Currently a Surgical Pathology fellow at the same institution and will be starting my final fellowship in Cytopathology at MD Anderson Cancer Center.
What you're currently doing
Currently a board certified Anatomic and Clinical pathologist completing my first fellowship.

How has Promise Clinic influenced your clinical training?
Although I no longer see patients full-time as a pathologist, a huge part of pathology is laboratory management and test utilization. My role at Promise Clinic as manager to co-student director was my first real experience in management and preparing the first PC progress report taught me how important QA/QI is to patient care. The close patient interaction at PC certainly influenced my decision to further sub-specialize in cytopathology, as it will allow me to maintain some direct patient interaction.

How would you like to see PC grow?
When I was at PC the only sub-specialty that volunteered during clinic hours was Psychiatry. It would be great to see participation from other sub-specialists - pathologists can join as well! (outpatient fine needle aspirations, educating medical students on laboratory test utilization, including more point-of-care testing, etc.).

Do you have any advice for our student doctors?
You have the opportunity to practice all your physical exam skills on your PC patient because you are given a lot of time compared to seeing patients in the hospital or other outpatient clinics, so take advantage of this great opportunity.

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