Thursday, March 23, 2017

TotW 3/16: Luck of the Blog Writer

Being the one who writes all the social media posts for Promise Clinic comes with some perks, like choose your own team, Urgent Care Team 17 to be Team of the Week! Talk about luck, right? Speaking of which, this month St. Patrick's Day happened so we all got to answer some St. Patrick/Ireland related questions!

From L to R: Peter Dellatore (M4), Melroy D'Souza (M3), Mikaela Kislevitz (M2), Michael Enich (M1)
1) St. Patrick's day and all, what is your favorite green thing you own?
Michael Enich (M1): "Everything I own is green, basically, but my favorite thing is my green thing is my nalgene that is covered in stickers from everywhere I've been."
Mikaela Kislevitz (M2): "Green socks."
Melroy D'Souza (M3): "Coffee mug. Doesn't spill ever and keeps this at the temp it should be!"
Peter Dellatore (M4): "One of my favorite green things is my green tie which I'm actually wearing to match tomorrow for good luck!"
2) When is a time that you have felt lucky?
Michael Enich (M1): *I was one of the people over Christmas who was stuck at the Air Tran station at Newark Airport. They had almost closed the doors by the time I got to the plane, but I made it!"
Mikaela Kislevitz (M2): "I got Harry Potter theatre tickets in London for a sold out show this summer when 2 people returned them right before I walked into box office."
Melroy D'Souza (M3): "Winning the RWJ March Madness bracket last year. I had no business winning all that green $$...wait can I change my answer to #1?"
Peter Dellatore (M4): "While the east coast was getting hit by storm Stella, I was in Denver where it was uncharacteristically 75 degrees."
3) St. Patrick is the patron saint invoked against snakes. Do you have any snake or fun reptile story?
Michael Enich (M1): "At the nature preserve near where I lived where they sent city kids to see the outdoors I once made friends with a giant turtle whose name I don't remember. He very slowly followed me around the little pen he was in."
Mikaela Kislevitz (M2): "No."
Melroy D'Souza (M3): "Not sure how "fun" this is but I spent a couple years in college working with turtles for research. They are must faster swimmers than you expect!"
Peter Dellatore (M4): "In third grade, about 15 tadpoles were given out in a raffle. I happened to win one of them. I ended up never naming the tadpole because I was convinced it was going to die soon, as the other 14 tadpoles did. Mine lived to be 15 years old. I called it 'Frog' until it's dying day."

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