Tuesday, March 7, 2017

2/28 SCMotW: Get out of Town

Jenna Presto, M4 Member of Labs
February is a short, cold, very cold, usually snowy month. Well, at least usually. This month has been pretty warm, actually, but we decided to check in with Jenna Presto, a member of Labs about what she would do if she got out of town!

1) What's the best vacation you've ever taken? 

Jenna Presto (M4): "My favorite vacation was a cruise to the Bahamas for my grandparent's 55th anniversary. Nothing better than a beach with 18 of your closest family members (in matching outfits)."

2) If you were spontaneously given this Friday and next Monday off, what would you do with your weekend stay-cation?

Jenna Presto (M4): "I would bake cookies, binge-watch Friends and take an afternoon nap everyday."

3) Where is a place you would like to travel to?
Jenna Presto (M4): "I'm spending the month of April in Vienna, Austria so I've been looking forward to that!"

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