Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SCMotW 2/28: Soc Med Queen

Before there was me, Social Media Guru, there was Deesha Sarma, an M2 member of Operations running point on all Promise Clinic social media. Her reign as social media queen was marked by strong, hilarious, weekly posts featuring all of our student doctor teams. She didn't want to put herself in the limelight as Soc Med Queen (because that feels a little like favoritism), but I figured it's about time she got her place in the sun now that she's an M2 relieved of her duties. 

February 3rd is National Wear Red Day, to promote awareness of the effect heart disease and stroke has on women. Because of that, all of our questions are red themed!

Deesha Sarma, M2 on Operations
1) What's your favorite red thing?

Deesha Sarma (M2): "I've got a great bright-red power blazer that I like to whip out every once in a while (you know how I feel about my blazers)."

(I do know how Deesha feels about her blazers; she really enjoys them and looks very awesome and professional in them.)

2) What is your favorite shade of red from the following options?


Deesha Sarma (M2): "Why did you send me a list of red necktie colors?" 

(Because it's what pops up when you google image search "Shades of Red") 

"Not alizarin because it sounds like a medication. So I'll go with cardinal."
3) How do you take care of your heart?

Deesha Sarma (M2): :Night runs (with reflective gear, don't worry) and red wine."

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