Thursday, March 9, 2017

TotW 3/2: The Ides of March

The ides of march are coming up (though I don’t technically remember when they are) so we decided to go with some questions about the ancient Roman Empire. Continuity Care Team 9 tolerated the rather strange series. In addition, they came in at the very last minute after a clerical error accidentally told them they didn't have to come in to see their patient!

From L to R: Sanjay Jumani (M4), Becca Gafney (M3), Ethan Pearlstein (M2 on Facetime), Sana Ahmad (MD/PhD), Patricia Berkanish (M1)

1) What is your favorite Roman god? (Don’t give me any Greek names now!)
Patricia Berkanish (M1): “Zues-- he was a big deal for sure.”
Ethan Pearlstein (M2): (Let the record show all of Ethan’s answers were actually given by Sanjay) “I feel like he’s a huge fan of… Pluto?”
Becca Gafney (M3): “I wanted there to be a god of dogs but that’s not a thing.”
Sanjay Jumani (M4): “Is Earth a god? Can I pick that?”
Sana Ahmad (MD/PhD): “Athena-- maybe Venus? I’ll take Mars.” 

2) Who is your favorite Roman Emporer?
Patricia Berkanish (M1): “I hate these questions. A lot Caesars. And croutons.”
Ethan Pearlstein(M2): (Again, Sanjay) “I feel like he would really know this stuff. He was a classics major. He will be pissed.”
Becca Gafney  (M3): “Brutus.”
Sanjay Jumani (M4): “Ottoman. Make it like the chair ones.”
Sana Ahmad (MD/PhD): “Yeah there were a lot of Caesars.”

2) Do you feel like more of a Brutus or more of a Caesar? Why?
Patricia Berkanish (M1): B for Berkanish.”
Ethan Pearlstein(M2): Caesar. I feel like he’s more of a Caesar because he wants the world to be a better place.”
Becca Gafney  (M3): “I feel like a Brutus because I will cut people down.” (This was Sanjay again, actually) -- “OMg that makes me sound so scary.”-- Actually Becca
Sanjay Jumani (M4): “Currently right now at the Monmouth SPCA there’s a dog named Brutus and I feel like he and I are kindred spirits a little bit. Why? I haven’t met him but I’ve stalked him on the internet a little bit.”
Sana Ahmad (MD/PhD): “I don’t know the difference.”

2) Do you feel like more of a Brutus or more of a Caesar? Why?
Patricia Berkanish (M1): “I’ve been *involved* in 9 car accidents. Want a ride?” also “I can surf leftie an rightie.”
Ethan Pearlstein(M2): Sanjay- “Let’s make one up-- In his free time he specializes in teaching hot yoga and makes crow as easy looking as downward facing dog.”
Becca Gafney  (M3): “I was wronged by Celeste Pizza so I emailed them to let them know what they did and then they sent me three coupons for three free celeste pizzas.”
Sanjay Jumani (M4): “Did you want to meet the 2003 NJ State Tetris Champion? Because you’re looking at him.”
Sana Ahmad (MD/PhD): “Can I pass?” “Sanjay again-- I’ll make one up for her. Sana is the world’s foremost expert in woodpecker mating habits. She single handedly prevented them from going extinct.

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