Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SCMotW 12/13: See Amid the Winter Snow

We love people who step up to calls to action. For this exact reason this week for SCMotW we are highlighting Rachel Voight , an M1 on Community Outreach, who was the first person who stepped up to assist with the Ugly Sweater Night out (This Friday, December 16th, FB Event Here) when we reached out to all the first years involved with Promise Clinic via email! She’s been tabling this week to sell tickets and advertise for our APPAREL SALE TOO! (Order form) Since we finally had our first snow, we decided to continue with snowy themed questions.  

Rachel Voight, M1

1) What’s your favorite season?

Rachel Voight (M1): “Summer, because the beach is my favorite place!”

2) In the vein of cloudy with a chance of meatballs, if a food could fall from the sky instead of snow what kind of food would you want?

Rachel Voight (M1): Everyone is going to hate this  but taco bell specifically taco bell nacho cheese”

3) What’s your favorite snow creature?

Rachel Voight (M1): Arctic Fox 
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