Thursday, December 8, 2016

TotW 12/1: Winter is Coming

Did you miss TotW last week? No clinic on Thanksgiving meant no TotW either! I hope the time apart wasn’t too hard for you.

Clinic is back in full swing with Continuity Care Team 1. We were going to ask questions about Harry Potter since last Friday was the Winter Ball for the M1’s and M2’s, but the team DIDN’T HAVE AN OBSESSIVE INTEREST IN HARRY POTTER LIKE THIS WRITER so we’ll save those questions for later… instead, we’ll get to hear about the team’s interest in our new season, Winter!  
From L to R: Okey Anochie (M4), Alyssa Huncken (M4), Nick Cucculo (M2)
What’s your favorite warm drink?

Nick Cucculo (M2): Hot Chocolate

Alyssa Huncken (M4): Peppermint Mocha

Okey Anochie (M4): Hot Chocolate

If you were going to vacation someplace cold, where would it be?

Nick Cucculo (M2): Alaska

Alyssa Huncken (M4):  “Vermont and skiing, but I cannot do that right now” (Look at the picture above)

Okey Anochie (M4): “I don’t like the cold… Switzerland.” 

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