Thursday, December 15, 2016

TotW 12/8: The Harry Potter Strikes Back

Hey Promise Clinic. Remember last week when we were trying to get some Harry Potter magic here? Well, we decided to give that another go with Continuity Care Team 41! They were the last people standing at Clinic last week, which proved to be a hectic day. Let’s hand it to them for taking even MORE time to cast lumos on what the answers to these questions might be! (Ohoho) 

From L to R: Anita Sreedhar (M2), Niall Buckley (M3), Fernando Ferrera (M1)

What’s your favorite Harry Potter spell?

Fernando Ferrera (M1): “Expecto Petronum… or Sectumsempra”

Anita Sreedhar (M2): “I know who Harry Potter is that doesn’t mean I know any spells.”

Niall Buckley (M3): “Harry Potter…” (Sorry Niall, he’s famous but he’s not a spell)

Who’s your favorite character outside of Harry, Ron, and Hermione?

Fernando Ferrera (M1): Snape

Anita Sreedhar (M2): “The giant.” (That’s Hagrid, Anita.)

Niall Buckley (M3): Sirius Black

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them just came out! What would be your spirit beast?

Fernando Ferrera (M1): Phoenix/Dragon 

Anita Sreedhar (M2): Dragons!

Niall Buckley (M3): “The Platapus thing.” (He’s thinking of a niffler)

We should do Harry Potter questions every week!

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