Friday, March 4, 2016

2/25 Team of the Week: Team 1

It might be hard to believe, seeing as though there's snow on the ground right now, but spring is just around the corner (sooooo close, and yet so far).

We chose to ignore the snow and get pumped for warmer weather along with our Team of the Week, Team 1, and asked them about their ideal spring trip. But, in the spirit of this wacky weather, we also threw them a curveball and also asked about their greatest challenge while in clinic. Check out their answers below!

From L to R: Kerly Guerrero (M3), Rebekah Gensure (M4), Okey Anochie (M4),
Alyssa Huncken (M3), Nick Cuccolo (M1)

What would be your ideal spring break trip and why? 

Nick Cuccolo (M1): I think I'd have to say Cancun to relive the college glory days, because all fun is behind me now

Alyssa Huncken (M3): A safari in South Africa. I would play with the animals, even the lions

Kerly Guerrero (M3): Disney World because I've never been there!

Okey Anochie (M4): Bermuda. Sun, its beautiful, what more do you want?

Rebekah Gensure (M4): Fiji because it's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

What has been your greatest challenge during your time at Promise Clinic? 

Nick Cuccolo (M1): Learning how to interact with patients who don’t speak English

Alyssa Huncken (M3): My first appointment as I was an M3 and had a lot of expectations and didn’t know how to use the EMR. Second time's the charm!

Kerly Guerrero (M3): Trying to keep a patient - our team always loses patients. This is the third patient that we've lost to insurance (which is a great thing for them!)

Okey Anochie (M4): Patient advocacy - I had to track down a bunch of people to make sure my patient got the insurance they needed. Also, trying to convince the patient that they need to comply with our recommendations.

Rebekah Gensure (M4): Trying to balance teaching and patient care

Fun fact: 

Nick Cuccolo (M1): I have a lot of tattoos

Alyssa Huncken (M3): I have a dog and bunny that look like brothers! They are both black with floppy ears with a white patch.

Kerly Guerrero (M3): I have a shoe addiction

Okey Anochie (M4): I failed the driving test 4 times (parallel parking issues). But I’m good now!

Rebekah Gensure (M4): I used to figure skate competitively in college. Ask me about my axle!

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