Thursday, March 10, 2016

3/3 Team of the Week: Team 22

Our 3/3 Team of the Week is Team 22! We're giving them a shoutout for several equally legitimate reasons, highlighted below:

  • They have been at clinic several times over the past few months (including the past three weeks in a row) and have been awesomely diligent in keeping up with their patient and prioritizing her visits
  • M4 Bret ran to the pharmacy 10 minutes before it was to close to pick up an insulin syringe, so that they they could teach their patient how to use it properly
  • They have two team members named Doug  (what are the odds?!) 

From L to R: Snoopy (filling in for Doug Connolly, M2), Bret Roussel (M4), Julie Szymaniak (M4), Doug Matijakovich (M3), Carly Borinsky (M1)

What's your must-have Spring 2016 accessory? 

Carly Borinsky (M1): A tan

Doug Matijakovich (M3): Those colorful bro college sunglasses. They will for sure match Bret's shamrock headband.

Julie Szymaniak (M4): Sunscreen for my upcoming safari

Bret Roussel (M4): A massive shamrock headband

What's your favorite thing about Doug (M2)? 

Carly Borinsky (M1): His christmas tree farm

Doug Matijakovich (M3): His name

Julie Szymaniak (M4): His plump beard. Also the bird living in his beard. 

Bret Roussel (M4): His beard

In the spirit of shamrock headbands, our next Team of the Week post will be St. Patrick's Day themed, so stay tuned! 


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