Thursday, February 18, 2016

Team of the Week 2/11: Team 14

Our team of the week is Team 14! In honor of President's Day, we asked them about their favorite leaders, both of the American government as well as Promise Clinic.

Fun fact! President's Day is officially called George Washington's Birthday, and although we celebrate his birthday on the third Monday of every February, it will never actually fall on Washington's actual birthday (February 22nd, 1732). 

From L to R: Louis Chai (M4), Arjun Patel (M2), Bridget Lang (M1)

Who is your favorite President and why? 

Bridget Lang (M1): George Washington because he's the OG (original gangsta)

Arjun Patel (M2): Bill Clinton because he plays a mean alto sax

Louis Chai (M4): Abe Lincoln because of his incredible beard

Who is your favorite person at Promise Clinic and why? 

Bridget Lang (M1): Caroline Kwon because she's bring the SPARKLE

Arjun Patel (M2): Dr. Swee because he challenges me every time we interact

Louis Chai (M4): Kristin Bonello because she loves dessert

Fun fact: 

Bridget Lang (M1): I can wiggle one ear without wiggling the other

Arjun Patel (M2): I once got pet mice (lab mice) from my friend and they escaped in my house… I found them and released them into the wilderness to escape the persecution of my parents

Louis Chai (M4): I speak four languages (Spanish, English, Cantonese, Hakka)

Congrats Team 14!

Until next week,


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