Thursday, February 11, 2016

2/04 Team of the Week + Communications Shoutout!

It's a very special ~Valentine's Day~ edition of Team of the Week, featuring not only a team but also an MVP award to a member of the Communications team!

So let's get started:

Team of the Week is Team 27. They've seen their patient three times in the past month, and came into clinic just to make sure the psych services screening appointment went smoothly. Talk about dedication. Thank you guys for going above and beyond to make sure your patient gets the best care possible.

Our Communications MVP is Benjy Levin. Benjy was not only an amazing Lead Communicator, keeping in touch with 11 patients over the course of the week to remind of them their appointments, answer any questions, and communicate information from their teams, but he ALSO got a shoutout in clinic from the team for which he interpreted. Can you say ALL-STAR?!

From L to R: Nabgha Farhat (M2), Sandeep Tummala (M4), Ashima Oza (M1)

Benjy Levin (M1), Communications

Who is your dream Valentine and why?

Ashima (M1): Ryan Gosling. I mean have you seen Crazy Stupid Love?

Nabgha (M2): Jon Stewart because he’s super intelligent and attractive. 

Sandeep (M4): Kate Beckinsale – she’s the hottest woman on Earth…are you kidding me? I would leave my future wife for Kate Beckinsale.

Benjy (M1, Communications): My future wife and best friend and soulmate and fellow Student Doctor and fellow PC Steering Committee member and fellow M1, Aisha Van Pratt.

What is your favorite Valentine's day candy? 

Ashima (M1): Cookies and Crème Hershey Kisses

Nabgha (M2): Starbursts!!

Sandeep (M4): Hershey’s (white chocolate) with Almonds

Benjy (M1, Communications): What are those sugar hearts called? The ones that say silly things? What are they called? Honestly I just like anything that has sugar in it

Fun Fact:

Ashima (M1): As a child when both of my parents were working and it was just my grandparents babysitting, for dinner, I would have a glass of milk and Oreos, and I would just dip the Oreos into the milk and eat them until the milk was gone….so probably 2 sleeves of Oreos.

Nabgha (M2): I was born in a country in West Africa (The Gambia), and I lived in Africa until I was 7 – my parents were on a medical service mission for 10 years in The Gambia and Tanzania!

Sandeep (M4): Longest PC streak = 7 weeks in a row around October 2014!!!!!!!

Benjy (M1, Communications): I built a bike out of BAMBOO at the age of 19

Hope everyone has a great President's Day weekend and Valentine's Day!



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