Sunday, February 8, 2015

Team of the Week January 22nd- Team 16

Hello everyone!!

I know what you're thinking- Promise Clinic blog guru, you've been gone for so long I haven't known what to read when I needed a study break! Well fear not, because we're back, and we have several posts for you in the next few days!

First up, the classic Team of the Week. Remember a few weeks ago when we talked about the integration of different team members? This week (2 weeks ago--sorry, renal, ya know?), we have a pharmacy student as well as a student doctor from another team. Talk about teamwork! 

And here they are in all their glory: 
(From left to right: Aixa Navia, JoAnn Mathew, Rachel Lynch, Emily Schiller, and Angela Condo)

I hope you don't mind that we asked them a few questions....

What is your favorite type of candy and why?

M3 JoAnn- "My favorite candy is Lindt chocolates because they're just awesome."

Pharmacy Student Rachel- "Sour gummy worms because they're both sour and sweet- you get the best of both worlds! And there are always more than you expect in the bag." 

Expert stand-in M4 Angela- "sour gummies! (ie. sour worms, sour cherries, sour patch kids) because they start out sour and get sweet! Best of both worlds." (I swear they both said this! I can't say I disagree with them...)

Why did you decide to become a part of Promise Clinic?

M3 JoAnn- "I decided to become a Promise Clinic student doctor because I wanted to have a continuity of care experience, help the underserved population in our community, and work with a team of student doctors. I've had the opportunity to work with the same patient for about 2.5 years now and it's been great to get to know him and treat his conditions over time."

Pharm Rachel- "I decided to be a student pharmacist at the Promise Clinic because I wanted to start helping others with the information I am learning in school.  I also have seen how important interdisciplinary healthcare is becoming and I wanted the chance to participate in that so that I could learn from other healthcare professionals and help establish pharmacy's role in the system."

Stand-in M4 Angela- "I decided to become a student doctor in Promise Clinic because even as an M1 I was eager to enter the clinical setting. I wanted the responsibility to care for my very own patient and to be surrounded by peers who would teach me and push me to be a better student doctor!"

As you can see now and I'm sure you see in every post, we have some truly amazing, driven individuals here in Promise Clinic. We, as well as the people of New Brunswick, are so lucky to have them. 

Until a few days from now (hopefully),

xoxo Promise Clinic

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