Monday, February 9, 2015

Committee Spotlight-Pharmacy

Hello again! 

I bet you thought I was lying when I said we'd be back soon with another post! 

Well, we just could not wait another day to feature one of our most ambitious steering committees, Pharmacy! 

First we want to highlight several of the innovations and new resources/ideas from this intelligent committee:

  1. Example prescription – the pharmacy member in clinic will have an example to help you write a prescription in the case the attending asks you to do so.
  2. Prescription Assistance Programs (PAP) application help – make sure to ask pharmacy about PAP for medications for your patient. Teams- if you started a PAP application, please make sure to follow it up at clinic with the Pharmacy committee member.
  3. Walmart $4 list (not exactly new but a great resource for our student doctors!)-
  4. Also, another good way to look up the cost of prescription medication and where patients can get medications for less, as well as coupons:
  5. There was a recent integration of pharmacy students into several of the Promise Clinic teams (as you saw in several Team of the Week posts)!

You already know all of the amazing things they're doing at Promise Clinic, now here they are on a more personal level (two of them at least):

What is your favorite novel and why?

M2 Angela- I don't necessarily have a favorite novel but I really enjoy reading drama/suspense type novels. For example, I really enjoyed the Da Vinci Code and books written by James Patterson. They give me the opportunity to escape into an exciting world that isn't surrounded by Step 1 Prep for a while. I'm hoping to read "The Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson next. And I'm always open to suggestions! 

M1 Devon- My favorite novel is 1984 by George Orwell. The novel transported me to an entirely different made-up world yet in certain aspects I could relate. The "Big Brother" idea, especially in a world of rapidly advancing technology, is not absent. I first read this novel in high school, at a time when I could put these comparisons together. It is a great combination of suspense, love, and hatred. Of course, a main character's name is "O'Brien" which happens to be MY last name so that is pretty cool too.

Keep up the amazing work pharmacy and stay awesome!

xoxo Promise Clinic

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