Sunday, January 25, 2015

Team of the Week January 15th- Team 24

Hi all!

Long time no talk. I hope everyone has been well the past few days. I'm here to tell you about last week's Team of the Week- Team 24 (okay you're right- it's two weeks ago now, this was meant to be posted prior to clinic this past week)! 

This team is really something else. Not only are they constantly in clinic seeing their patient (they were in clinic 2 weeks in a row), but we have a future Ophthalmology resident at Duke, Henry Feng, along with his other fabulous teammates, Edith Reshef and Brian Foster!

Here's a look at these extraordinary individuals: 

(From left to right: Edith Reshef, Brian Foster and Henry Feng)

Why do you think Promise Clinic is important to the New Brunswick community?

M4 Henry Feng: "Promise Clinic provides consistent medical care to the underserved people of New Brunswick, thereby promoting health maintenance in an at-risk population and preventing the development of end-stage disease."

M1 Brian Foster: "I think Promise Clinic is important because it provides the people of New Brunswick high quality, low cost (free) healthcare. It allows people that wouldn't otherwise to be able to access or afford medical care a convenient location with a committed staff whose sole purpose is do their best to help people in need."

What is your favorite song and why?

M4 Henry: " 'Drive' by Incubus.  I like the vocals and message of the piece, essentially advocating that we should make life decisions not based on fear of reproach, but rather on intrinsic motivation." (Perhaps this awesome attitude is what helped him match in Ophtho?)

M1 Brian: Brian's answer has a caveat, his favorite song right now is: "Shake it off by Taylor Swift. It's so catchy I don't think I'll ever get it out of my head.. so I stopped trying!" (I don't know about you but I think he's soooo right)

If you're looking for some life inspiration, this team is where you'll find some. Not that you can really fall short of inspiration from any of our amazing Student Doctors in Promise Clinic. 

We, at Promise Clinic, continue to try to provide the best environment for our patients to improve not only their health but their lives. The first step is a great set of Student Doctors, so bravo Team 24, for being a great team of them! 

You know you love us,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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