Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Team of the Week December 11th- Team 13

Hello all!

Happy almost 9-day or 10-day Christmas/New Year break (or perhaps even less for 3rd and 4th years)! Before you spend too much time studying before then, let us give you a break. We want to tell you a little something about Team 13- the team that won Team of the Week twice already (which we don't normally do, but for them we'll make an exception)!

Here is a photo of this extraordinary team:

(From left to right: Grace Lee, Louis Chai, Monica Agarwal, and Elliot Sultanik)

Since we were unable to get in touch with them last time, we made sure to catch them on their way out to get their long-awaited responses. We didn't want to deprive everyone of their hilarious sense of humor.

So without further ado, below here lies some pertinent information about this fabulous team:

What drew you to Promise Clinic? 

M1 Grace- "I wanted to be able to learn from the awesome upperclassmen."

M2 Monica- "Louis and Elliot." (I guess Monica wanted to learn from the awesome upperclassmen too!)

M3 Louis- "The appeal of working in a team-based environment and learning from the experiences of the older students regarding healthcare and school in general." (and Louis as well! The blogger guesses Promise Clinic recruits some pretty great student doctors...just saying)

M3 Elliot- "I liked that the environment had less pressure than going to a real doctor for a Patient Centered Medicine offsite." (and now you're a pro!)

What is your spirit animal and why?

Grace- "A dolphin because they're agile."

Monica- "An elephant because they're feminists and have a matriarchal society."

Louis- "A wolf because I just took a personality quiz online and that's what it said."

Elliot- "Hey guys what should I be? I don't know? What do you guys think? A lion? Whatever you guys want."

It seems like this team might be so great because of how well they get along together. This goes to show that teamwork is essential in exceptional patient care.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Try not to enjoy your break too much!

We will see you next year,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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