Monday, January 19, 2015

Team of the Week January 8th- Team 9

Hello all!

I am so happy to announce the Team of the Week from January 8th- Team 9! Not only does this team deserve it for their unwavered support of the New Brunswick community, but this team includes some of the best people in the world (ok-maybe I'm biased, but I'm the author so I can say what I want, right?!)! 

Without any more delay, let me acquaint you with this fun-loving, stellar team:

(From top to bottom: Sanjay Jumani, Christopher Massa, Christiaan de Vries, and Becca Gaffney)

Remember all those times I said I was going to mix it up?! Well- this is your lucky day. Sort of. First, in true Promise Clinic blog fashion, we asked them a question about Promise Clinic.

What do you think is the best part of Promise Clinic?

M1 Becca- "I enjoy being able to learn from my team members and helping out the underserved of New Brunswick. I also enjoy being able to work with my patient specifically."

M2 Sanjay- "I love getting to see how a clinic runs--there's so many moving parts! When you learn medicine in school, you take everything for granted, but in Promise Clinic you get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. Ordering tests, finding specialty care, writing prescriptions--it's all very thrilling."

This is a question for the reader- have you ever seen starter packs on twitter or other social media outlets? A person puts together four photos of things that would be found in theirs-say if someone wanted to be you (which you're awesome so why wouldn't they?!), these would be the four things that someone would need to start the process of being more like you.

When Becca was asked to put her starter pack together, this was it: 

(Becca's dog Spanky, coffee, mismatched socks and Netflix are a must if you want to be more like her!)

For a Sanjay starter kit you'd need the following:

(Pumpkin spice latte, Sushi Palace, Scrubs, and his PC superlative)

While not everyone responded, I hope you can all see why this team is so great (in case you forgot about Christian and Christopher and how awesome they are-scroll up and look at the adorable team picture)! If you use these starter packs to become more like them I wouldn't blame you because they are so cool. I mean, for example, who doesn't love all you can eat sushi like Sanjay? (Me actually so it's okay if you don't, although I feel like I'm the only one)

I hope you enjoyed our new type of post; your comments will be invaluable to the future of this blog (although I don't anticipate any comments, so I guess it's all on us to decide).

Until 2-3 days from now,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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