Monday, December 8, 2014

Team of the Week December 4th

Welcome back to the blog! It's been a whole two days! 

We wanted to make sure we shined a spotlight on last week's Team of the Week. It doesn't seem right to identify them by team number because they were not composed of their normal team members! 

Here is this eclectic crew:

(From left to right: Christine Marchello, Keya Thakkar, Chris Koprowski and Rebekah Gensure)

While I'm sure you all recognize Rebekah from our spotlight, you will also remember that she graciously volunteered to help another team out because their M3 and M4 weren't there (and that would be this team!). Another charitable student helping out this team and their patient is Keya-an M2. So that leaves the two members of the real Team 19- Christine and Chris.

This team is especially amazing because they were able to adapt to a new situation and successfully take care of their patient. Bravo!

They are no exception to the rule- we asked them a few questions to get to know them better (until someone leaves a comment perhaps with an idea better than this--I dare you!):

Why is it important to help out those who are underserved in our community?

M1 Christine- "The measure of our society is dependent on the most underserved in our community.  How can we improve our community if many of us are lacking basic healthcare access?  As medical students, we get a first-hand chance to influence the wellness of our community members so that they can ultimately realize their own goals and aspirations."

M2 Keya- "We are so fortunate to be gifted with the knowledge of medicine, that it serves as an opportunity to give back to those who have not had similar chances. It allows the members of the community to be empowered and take control of their health."

M4 Rebekah- "The underserved in our community often have a lot of challenges going on in their everyday lives, and these people are in need of advocates to help them navigate a complex medical system. We, as student doctors, are equipped with the knowledge to assist the underserved, and by virtue of the path we chose, I believe we have an obligation to share that knowledge with those who need it most."

Pepsi or coke and why?

Christine- "I really don't have a preference... but Pepsi seems more bubbly so I like that one slightly more!" ---(That-a-girl Christine!)

Keya- "Coke, because it’s just oh so delicious." ---(I mean Marissa thinks she's wrong but who cares what she thinks because she's not on the Team of the Week, right?!)

Rebekah- "Seltzer! Get the fizz with none of the sugar! See the answer to part 1, where we're supposed to be serving as advocates and role models for our patients (which includes nutrition!)." ---(Dear goodness could she get any more amazing?!)

These women are deep. They truly understand the importance of working with the underserved and on a team in general. Thank you for your commitment to Promise Clinic, and generally being the extraordinary people you are (and you too Chris)! Chris is busy with some pulm work- but we totally get it! Keep up the great work everyone!

xoxo Promise Clinic

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