Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SCMotW 11/15: Smorgasbord

It looks like we accidentally skipped a week with Steering Committee Member of the week! Well, there’s no better way to get us back on track than by asking Jennifer Lee, an M2 on Education, a whole Smorgasbord of questions from the entire month. Jennifer was a great sport, and does a great job behind the Promise Clinic scenes with the rest of Education to ensure all of our Student Doctors’ educational credits are met!

Jennifer Lee (M2) on Education

Who’s your favorite historical president?

Jennifer Lee (M2): “My favorite historical president is Abraham Lincoln. He fought hard for the United States of America to be a unified country standing for freedom and equality for all!”

What’s your favorite style of facial hair?

Jennifer Lee (M2): “I like 5 o’clock shadows.”

What’s the best Thanksgiving food?

Jennifer Lee (M2): The best Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie!”

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