Thursday, November 17, 2016

TotW 11/10: Post-Election

I don’t know if you knew this, Promise Clinic followers, but an election happened last week.

That’s all we’ll say about that.

In other news, Continuity Care Team 34 were SUPERSTARS this week during clinic! They had to make some tough decisions regarding their patient and dealing with domestic violence the patient witnessed. With the help of Lessley, our interpreter, and Jacqui, one of our social worker students, it was a really successful evening!

From L to R: Jacqui Gonzalez (Social Work Student), Laura Di Taranti (M1), Grace Lee (M3), Abhinav Gabbeta (M2), Lessley Chiriboga (Translator)

The usual team is Laura Di Taranti (M1) Abhinav Gabbeta (M2) Rachel DeBerardinis (M3), Alexander Pronko (M4). Alexander and Rachel weren't able to make it, so stand-in superstar Grace Lee took over as the team’s M3, and we included Jacqui and Lessley because of their crucial part of the team they played that day and EVERY DAY at Promise Clinic!

Who is your favorite president?

Laura Di Taranti (M1): Obama

Abhinav Gabbeta (M2): Obama

Grace Lee (M3): Obama

Jacqui Gonzalez (Social Work Student): “Barack.” (First name basis, I see)

Lessley Chiriboga (Translator): Obama

Who is your favorite dead president?

Laura Di Taranti (M1): “Ben Franklin… even if he isn’t a president.”

Abhinav Gabbeta (M2): “Abez”

Grace Lee (M3): “Babez”

Jacqui Gonzalez (Social Work Student): Abraham Lincoln (notice the full name used here).

Lessley Chiriboga (Translator): “Abraham.”

What is your favorite political party that is no longer in existence?

Laura Di Taranti (M1): The Federalists

Abhinav Gabbeta (M2): Bull Moose

Grace Lee (M3): The Federalists

Jacqui Gonzalez (Social Work Student): Know Nothings

Lessley Chiriboga (Translator): The Federalists

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