Thursday, October 27, 2016

TotW 10/20: Travel

Howdy everyone! We have some travel-themed get-to know you questions this week. We’re highlighting Continuity Care Team 27, who graciously volunteered on short notice to take on a new patient after successfully transitioning their old patient to insurance! They have been in clinic two weeks in a row as prime examples of the kind of holistic continuity care Promise Clinic strives to provide!

From L to R: Ashuma Oza (M2), Shriya Venkatesh (M4). Not pictured: Steven Marabando (M1),Nabgha Farhat (M3), Neilen Benvegnu (M4-I) 

What’s the most exotic place you’ve been?

Ashima Oza (M2): Cinqueterra (in Italy!) this past summer.

Shriya Venkatesh (M4): “That’s actually really hard… New Zealand.”

What did you do there?

Ashima Oza (M2): “I went on a hike one morning that I thought was going to be really easy, but it ended up taking 3 hours instead of 45 minutes. Long story short, we were on a trail with three other people and ended up with an amazing view of the five villages that make up Cinqueterra.”

Shriya Venkatesh (M4): “I went scuba diving, hiking, backpacking, hang-gliding, you name it.”

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

Ashima Oza (M2): “I tried to teach myself to play the ukelele during my senior year of college when I had nothing to do.”

Shriya Venkatesh (M4): “I have a ten-year-old pitbull mix that I got in med school!”

Bonus Question from the team—What’s your favorite pink thing (in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month)?

Ashima Oza (M2): Pink M&Ms.

Shriya Venkatesh (M4): Cupcake frosting—boom.

Good luck on your exams, M2’s!

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