Thursday, November 3, 2016

TotW 10/27: Spoooky!

This week was Halloween, very spooky and scary time around Promise Clinic! Well, it’s actually not particularly spooky at the clinic, everything was fine, don't worry, but we decided to check in with Urgent Care Team 45 to see their ghosts their Halloween Past, Present and Future. They didn’t get to see a patient, so we might as well give them a victory here!

From L to R: Zeynep Uzumcu (M4), Ila Nimgaonkar (MD/PhD), Paul Lavadera (M1). Not pictured: Akanksha Arya (M3), Kevin Fitzpatrick (M2)

 What was your best Halloween Costume?

Paul Lavadera (M1): “The year that Halloween was a Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was gangster, detective and nerd the third night. It was freshman year of college.”

Zeynep Uzumcu (M4): “I feel like my Halloween costumes have been so basic… I think I was a stop-light one year. It was very easy to make—just red, yellow and green.”

Ila Nimgaonkar (MD/PhD): “A couple of years ago I was a Vulcan… that was a good one. I’m a big Star Trek fan.”

What is your favorite scary movie?

Paul Lavadera (M1): “I think for sure Halloween—the first one. I’ve been watching it every year since I was a kid.”

Zeynep Uzumcu (M4): “I think my favorite one recently is ‘It Follows’.”

Ila Nimgaonkar (MD/PhD): “I really hate scary movies-- I get very scared. I saw the Exorcist in high school and I didn’t sleep for three weeks.”

What’s the best & worst candy to get Trick-Or-Treating?

Paul Lavadera (M1): “Best is for sure Reece’s. Worst are any candies that are chalky.” Interviewer- “What other candies are chalky?” Paul- “Generic chalky disgustballs.”

Zeynep Uzumcu (M4): “Oh worst is Raisins. You get it, it happens, I’ve seen that. Best is full size Twix or Kit Kat.”

Ila Nimgaonkar (MD/PhD): “Worst is anything healthy… like Chewy bars. Best candy is anything with dark chocolate.”

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