Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3/10/16 Team of the Week: Team 11

It's almost St Patrick's Day! So of course our team of the week post is going to be appropriately themed. Without further ado, our 3/10 Team of the Week is Team 11. 

From L to R: Adam Khan (M4), Thomas O'Brien (M3), Michael Robinson (M2), Monica Castle (M1)

Special thanks to Director SJ for filling in for Thomas O'Brien. Team 11 didn't want him to feel left out! How's that for team unity?!

Also, shout-out to M1 Monica Castle for keeping the phones ringing off the hook as Communications Lead. She contacted over 14 patients to remind them of their appointments and answer any questions. She's a triple threat as a Student Doctor, member of Communications, and interpreter. Keep crushing it, Monica!

What is your favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day? 

Monica Castle (M1): Green. I love green, green everything!

Michael Robinson (M2): Not living in Hoboken 

Thomas O'Brien (M3): I am a direct descendent of St. Patrick. So its a family affair. 

Adam Khan (M4): That peppermint milkshake at McDonald’s – the shamrock shake

If you could canonize someone to be a saint, who would you pick? Why?

Monica Castle (M1): Beyonce. If she’s already a queen, she might as well be a saint. 

Michael Robinson (M2): I don’t know! I’m Jewish 

Thomas O'Brien (M3): Laura Pierce. Because she’s beautiful and perfect and no one can be quite as fantastic as her!

Adam Khan (M4): Bernie Sanders. I’m feeling the bern. 

Fun Fact: 

Monica Castle (M1): I was born 2 months premature. I was 2.5 lb and I was born at St. Peter’s Hospital. 

Michael Robinson (M2):  I was tackled by Ciara during a flag football game. Back in college, I was on the concert board at Syracuse and she came to perform (and also play flag football) 

Thomas O'Brien (M3): I was a collegiate gymnast at Minnesota. 

Adam Khan (M4): I can fix ejector pumps in basements. Doctor by day, plumber by night. 

Note: We may or may not have made up all of Thomas O'Brien's ToTW answers... 

Until next week, 


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