Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Team of the Week 11/5: Team 40

We're making some changes over here at Promise Clinic! Last week in clinic, we introduced a new app that allows teams to sign up virtually to see an attending. The app texts them when the attending is ready to meet -- this means that teams get more time with their patients and that there is less time wasted overall.  Pretty sweet, right?!

Team 40 was the first team to use the new app, and they're as excited about it as we are. Check out their thoughts on technology and the rest of their interview below.

From L to R: Michael Weintraub (M3), Sinthu Ranjan (M3), and Mitch DeVita (M1)
What was your childhood dream career (if not medicine)? 

Sinthu (M3): Marine biologist, because I wanted to go snorkeling for life.

Mitch (M1): Navy SEAL.

Michael (M3): Circus performer; the one that juggles flaming swords. Because it's awesome.

What's your favorite phone app? 

Mitch (M1): Figure 1. It’s like Instagram for medicine.

Sinthu (M3): There's this new app where you can get papers and scientific journal articles for free without having to search for them online! Its called Read QX.

Michael (M3): RWJ Find your Way. It's the app that shows where you to go in RWJ Hospital if you’re lost.

Hooray for technology! Now if only we could remember our passwords...


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