Friday, October 30, 2015

Team of the Week 10/29: Team 39

Happy (almost) Halloween! 

Team 39 is getting the celebrations off to the right start with their best scared faces: 

From L to R: Sahil Khanna (M1), Matt Cichocki (M3), Bridget Lang (M1), Katherine Doyle (M4), Hetal Ray (M2)

We think Kate could give Kevin from Home Alone a run for his money, right?!

No need to be scared on your end though, because we made sure to ask the team members about their Promise Clinic experiences and their halloween plans. Check it out below! 

What is your favorite part of Promise Clinic?

Sahil (M1): I enjoy the learning aspect of it (from my team members), and I look forward to being able to teach my future team members down the road!

Hetal (M2): I love teaching the youngsters, especially Sahil, because he is especially young.

Matt (M3): Passing on helpful advice

Kate (M4): Sahil is my favorite part! And also our visiting M1 Bridget Lang!

Bridget (visiting M1): I love learning from the upperclassmen and interacting with the patients. It’s especially cool to see a patient and their team in action!

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Sahil (M1): Clark Kent…for now. It’s my classic backup, until I figure out what I’m actually going to be.

Hetal (M2): A ghost…because I might just sleep after my exam instead of going out :( (Ed. note- huge props for coming out to Promise Clinic the night before an exam!) 

Matt (M3): I’m going to be…studying for my shelf. I’m thinking about pretending to be someone who knows something about pediatrics

Kate (M4): An expecting mom :))))

Bridget (visiting M1): A guest at a wedding! My friend from college is getting married :)

Looks there are lots of exciting weekend plans in store for Team 39! Congrats on Team of the Week (again). 

Hope everyone has great halloween weekends! 

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- PC 

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