Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Team of the Week August 6th- Team 22


As you may or may not already know, we've been working tirelessly the past month to find the best new members to work with our patients. Ah yes, I've found yet another reason to fall behind on my posts. Sigh. But this is why we were working tirelessly-so we could find someone better who can stick to their word and get the people the information they need and want!

Thus, here is the information you crave. WHO WAS TEAM OF THE WEEK AUGUST 6TH, YOU ASK?! Team 22 of course!! Here's a look at that Bret sandwich:

(From left to right: M2 Doug Connolly, Bret Roussel, and M3 Doug Matijakovich)

We have to admit we get the best responses when we corner teams in clinic. Here are some of those candid answers: 

Why did you join Promise Clinic/keep coming back?

M2 Doug- "I've done something very similar in undergrad, helping people who are underserved access community resources, and so when I heard about Promise Clinic, I loved the idea of being able to continue working with a similar population. "

M3 Doug- "To follow a patient over time and to see that I'm making a difference."

M4 Bret-"I missed my patient and I wanted to come back and do some teaching."

What's the best advice you've ever gotten?

M2 Doug-"Look both ways before crossing the street. That served me very well from kindergarten to 3rd grade." I hate to ask what happened after 3rd grade...

M3 Doug- "Someone told me to charge my phone before I go to sleep."

M4 Bret- "Don't take yourself too seriously. Also never turn your back on the hand sanitizer machine." Anyone who's been to Promise Clinic gets this one. We've all been burned by the hand sanitizer machine before.

Again, I apologize for being a day (or 40) late and [many] dollars short but it was worth the wait amiright?! 

Anyway, looks like this will be my last blog post. I'm both happy and sad to hand over my legacy onto the next but super excited to see where it is taken! 

Until our new social media guru takes over,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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