Monday, September 28, 2015

Team of the Week September 24th- Team 21

To the Promise Clinic members, supporters, and secret admirers,

HELLO! New PC social media guru here (using that term very lightly, like I only just figured out how to turn on the snapchat geofilter...but let's see what happens).

Speaking of snapchat, what better way to introduce the cover models from Team of the Week: Team 21!

From L to R: Keya Thakkar (M3), Adriana Martin (M4), Brian DePalma (M2)

If you run into them, feel free to ask them about how popcorn is a miracle food or how to get that perfect, radiant beach look. We had a few questions of our own:

Why do you like being a part of Promise Clinic? 

Keya (M3): I like the continuity of it. I like being able to follow one patient and see him get better over time.

Brian (M2): It’s a great opportunity to get hands-on experience early on in our education and take responsibility for someones care.

Adriana (M4): I enjoy giving back to the underserved community.

What's your favorite app?

Adriana (M4): Epocrates. *Adjusts nerd glasses*

Keya (M3): My favorite app is probably Yelp because I have a need to eat at all times.

Brian (M2): Pandora. Because it takes the thought out of the process. My favorite station is Billy Joel.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Wow these guys are killing the game, but weren't we promised some fresh blood M1s?" DON'T WORRY! Stay tuned for upcoming TotW's and keep an eye out for new M1 team members! #squadgoals

Until next week,

x PC (and Ryan Gosling)

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