Sunday, April 19, 2015

Team of the Week March 26th-Team 44

Hey everyone!

Ahh yes, we meet again! And so soon! How did we get so lucky?

Actually, the lucky ones are our TotW, Team 44! They're really more amazing than lucky; they worked hard for this coveted title.

And here they are: 

(From left to right: Priya Jaisinghani, Connan Vaca, Kelliann Seaman, and Lesley Portugal)

Gosh, look how much fun they're having!

Our awesome sidekick (who shall remain unnamed) asked the questions this week:

What's the most exotic place you've ever been? What was the coolest part?

M1 Connan: "China. I got to hug a panda bear!"

M2 Priya: "Maldives. I've showered underneath a banana tree, went on a sea plane, and to an underwater restaurant. It was great!"

M3 Kelliann: "Oklahoma. **breaks out into song**. Oh-Kla-HOMA!"

M4 Lesley: "Peru. The Alpacas!"

What do you like best about Promise Clinic?

M1 Connan: "I like that I can communicate with the Latino population of New Brunswick!"

M2 Priya: "It's like foreshadowing rotations, you get continuity with your patient."

M3 Kelliann: "I like teaching the younger students, and I like the community service aspect of it."

M4 Lesley: "The continuity and the fact that it's completely run by students."

Well there ya have it! I'm sure you can understand why they were named Team of the Week. Not only are they extremely well-traveled, but they love Promise Clinic and we love that they love Promise Clinic! 

Thank you for being so dedicated to your patient and keep up the awesome work!

xoxo Promise Clinic

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