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Urgent Care Team of the Week November 13th- Team 33

Happy Sunday everyone!

For our Team of the Week on November 13th, we decided to switch it up to be the Urgent Care Team of the Week. I know what you're thinking- "But PC blog writer, there is only one Urgent Care team per week!" We started to feel bad for Urgent Care, because they always finished seeing their patient so late, we decided to honor them for their dedication. They are seeing a new patient every time, so it's no wonder they need to be a little more thorough.

We especially appreciate our Urgent Care Team of the Week - Team 33 - because they exemplify teamwork and truly enjoy working together, maybe a little too much. I think this picture speaks for itself:

(From left to right: Sam Mootoo, Justin Cirone, and Christine Nieves)

We're especially glad they won this award for the week because their answers are unique and hilarious.

Why do you think it's important to have an Urgent Care team at Promise Clinic?

Justin Cirone (M4 aka Captain of the Urgent Care Team of the Week)- The hectic American lifestyle is a burden that everyone feels in this country, insured or not. The urgent care team provides a way for patients to receive the care they need in a timely manner without needing to wait for their team to set up a new appointment. As Promise Clinic continues to grow, it will be increasingly important that our patients can be seen on any Thursday if needed.

Christine Nieves (M3)- The cold, flu, or running out of medication often occurs when we do not plan on it.  Urgent care relieves the stress of not having an appointment and ensures our patients receive the care they need for their immediate concerns

Sam Mootoo (M2)- Expanding upon the Captain's statements, having a model that allows an individual to see a team regardless of a prior appointment really cements the clinic as a reliable primary health care provider for the community members of New Brunswick. 

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why?

M4 Captain Justin- If there was a movie produced about my life, I would be played by Mr. Samuel Mootoo. He represents all that I stand for: long flowing hair, a burning passion for power rangers, and above all, the desire to take over the world

M3 Christine- If there was a movie produced about my life it would need to be a Pixar film where I would be voiced by Tina Fey because of her awkward humor.  And why not throw in narration by Morgan Freeman because who doesn't love that voice!

M2 Sam- I would want the actor to really nail the segment of the film depicting me in medical school, as it's been one of the most important periods of my life to date. And considering I've patented my clinical skills and history taking abilities entirely off of Mr. Justin Cirone (it's true), the only clear answer is, given the latter's hectic schedule...Daniel Day Lewis impersonating Justin Cirone as Sam Mootoo

We hope you all enjoyed their responses as much as we did and can appreciate that although our student doctors are extremely hard workers, they still know how to have a little fun!

Until our next post,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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