Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Team of the Week November 6th- Team 22

Howdy y'all! (We're running out of ways to say hi guys--so sorry for that greeting)

Last week our Team of the Week was Team 22! They impressed us with their thoroughness and compassion when taking care of their patient. 

How could they not be this happy after receiving such a prestigious award? (And by prestigious award, I mean it's not really an award at all).

(From left to right: Angela Rugino, Julie Szmaniak, and Doug Connolly)

We keep saying that we're going to mix up the feature, but we haven't had any ideas. Good thing these team players did it for us. They decided to collectively answer our questions as a team! 

How have you felt you impacted the community through Promise Clinic? 

Promise Clinic affords us with the rare and remarkable opportunity to provide preventative health care to individuals in the community who would otherwise be unable to receive adequate care. The model of Promise Clinic helps us impart a lasting influence on our patients' health as they are able to receive long-term follow-up care with the same team of student-doctors.

Which season is your favorite and why? 

Fall. Gobble gobble.

Now we're not sure how they all agreed on a season but I guess they really are that compatible! They have an extremely lucky patient to have such an in-sync team. 

Congratulation Team 22. And until next week,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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