Monday, September 29, 2014

Team of the Week September 25th-Team 3

Hello Promise Clinic fans,

I am here to tell you what you've all been waiting for (those of you who don't have Instagram at least, or don't yet follow us @PromiseClinic).....last week's Team of the Week was Team 3!!!

(From left to right: Ashley Ulker and Nick Guarino)

Again, we asked the Team of the Week to answer a few questions...

Why do you do Promise Clinic?

M2 Ashley Ulker says, "It’s a great way to be involved in the community and we get to practice the clinical skills we are learning in school. It's also great to get to know students at RWJ and integrate the class years."

PA Student Nick Guarino is involved in Promise Clinic because he, "likes being able to help out patients in the community who have nowhere else to go."

If your life could be boiled down to a #hashtag, what would it be and why?

Ashley- "#whynot, because why not?"

Nick- "#food, because I’m currently being put on the spot to come up with a hashtag. And also I’m starving."

Thank you Team 3 for being great at what you do! 

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