Monday, September 22, 2014

Team of the Week September 18th-Team 5

Hello all!

In this post we're featuring last week's Team of the Week! Last Thursday at Promise Clinic, this coveted award was given to our Urgent Care Team 5.

                           (From left to right: Joseph Choi, John Wilgucki, Timothy Satty and Jessica Bernstein)

In order to get to know our Team of the Week a bit better, we decided to ask them a few pertinent life questions.

What do you like most about Promise Clinic?

M1 Jessica Bernstein says, "My favorite thing about Promise Clinic is the opportunity to learn information and clinical skills from my veteran team members. I am so excited to continue learning from my team and to apply my skills towards helping patients."

M2 Joseph Choi says he enjoys, "witnessing the individual and collective maturation of my team. And ultimately, our development means improved care for all our patients. "

M3 Timothy Satty thinks that "Besides giving students a chance to serve their local community, my favorite thing is the team based structure. By bringing together students across the classes it allows for mentoring and teaching to occur at almost every session."

If you could be any Disney princess, who would you be and why?

Jessica-"I would be Belle because I don't judge people by their exterior. I always try to get to know people and bring out their best qualities."

Joseph- "Ariel - because "I wanna be where the people are...""

Timothy- "I have no idea. I took the princess quiz on I didn't understand some questions but apparently I am Ariel. I don't know how they got that from questions mainly about the mall but I guess it's fitting since that was the first movie I ever went to see when I was 4."

Unfortunately for you all, our Team of the Week's M4 John was too busy with his rotational duties to answer these questions. Keep up the hard work! 

Great job Team 5!

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