Sunday, November 19, 2017

TotW: Team 40 Gets Ready for Thanksgiving

We've almost made it to Thanksgiving! It's getting cold outside and winter is on its way, but soon we will be all cozy celebrating with family and friends and giving thanks for the wonderful things we have in our lives...and a little break from school, too. Last Thursday all of Team 40 was at Promise Clinic to care for their patient! Read on to learn more about their cute Thanksgiving traditions...

Left to right: Mary Stuckey (M1), Mitchel DeVita (M3), Rachel Voight (M2), John Dutton (M4)

1) Promise Clinic is closed next week for Thanksgiving! What are you most looking forward to about the break?
Mary Stuckey (M1): Playing with my dog. My family will be insulted but it's true! Her breed is a “teddy bear,” and she’s perfect!

Rachel Voight (M2): Going home! Driving to Michigan, to the suburbs of Detroit.

Mitchel DeVita (M3): Family cooked food--specifically “rockin’ cheesecake.”
John Dutton (M4): Hanging with the family. We’re not always home together, so Thanksgiving is when we get that time.  
2) What is one food dish that you/your friends/your family ALWAYS makes for Thanksgiving and you love (or hate!)?
Mary: I’m obsessed with stuffing. It is the best.

Rachel: Pies: we always make 3 types: cherry, chocolate and pumpkin. And I’m in charge of the pies :)

Mitchel: Turnips! I hate them!
John: Smoked turkey. We smoke turkey breasts in addition to the roasting the whole turkey in our smoker….sandwiches for days!

2) What are you most thankful for right now?
Mary: “Ditto to what Mitchel said!”

Rachel: “Ditto to what Mitchel said!”  

Mitchel: “A good team leader!”
John: “Awwww...guys! Thanks!”

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