Friday, March 25, 2016

Team of the Week 3/17: Promise Clinic Interpreters!

Our ToTw is not a student doctor team per se, but two of our inimitable interpreters- Ethan Torpy and Tito Mantilla. The Promise Clinic interpreter team always goes above and beyond, but this week was especially so as they interpreted for multiple teams over the course of the night. In the words of our scheduler CK, "ermergerddddd, idk what we have done without them!!" (Note: this is a direct quote)

From L to R: Tito Mantilla (M2), Ethan Torpy (M2)

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we asked them some more themed questions!

If you were a leprechaun and you couldn't hide at the end of the rainbow where would you hide?

Tito Mantilla (M2): At the crater of the Chimborazo (a volcano in Ecuador)

Ethan Torpy (M2): At the top of Pike's Peak in Colorado

What is your pot of gold? 

Tito Mantilla (M2): A pot of gold

Ethan Torpy (M2): Nutella! 

Thank you Ethan & Tito for everything that you do for Promise Clinic and our patients. We truly don't know what we would do without you guys! 

Until next week, 


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