Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Committee Spotlight- Specialty Care

Hello Promise Clinic fans!

Tonight we would like to bring our Specialty Care Committee to your attention...the work they do is crucial for our patients, and we want to give them the recognition they deserve.

Our M1 Karl Chamberlin describes Specialty Care as those who "work with the student-doctor teams to coordinate patient visits with specialists. We are available for the teams during clinic hours, and we maintain contact with local physicians who are willing to provide specialized care for Promise Clinic patients. We serve as a continuously growing resource for the student-doctor teams and their patients."

Everyone on the committee was also asked,

 "Why did you choose to join the Specialty Care Committee?"

M1 Karl Chamberlin says "I felt that I could make an impact in this capacity. As the first-year committee member, my role involves updating and expanding the resources that we have available to the patients, thereby increasing the ability of the clinic to serve its patients and meet their needs.

M2 Alyssa Schochet joined because "Giving promise clinic patients the best care possible means offering them resources and treatment options when we are unable to meet their needs. Specialty care aims find adequate options for any healthcare needs that we are not equipped to handle at clinic. I am passionate about the lives of our patients outside of clinic- making sure they receive the care need when they leave our doors.

M2 Helen Mac believes "It is an essential part in Promise Clinic's goal to care for our low income patients. By providing free / low cost access to subspecialties, we can work towards providing our patients with as complete medical care as we possibly can.

M3 Rachel Rosenblum says "Specialty care has provided me the opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of the charity care program. This knowledge not only helps our team guide Promise Clinic patients in their search for medical care outside our clinic walls, but will also personally help me understand hospital billing systems I encounter in the future as a physician. 

M4 Stephanie Peters thinks "The committee helps provide an invaluable service to our patients.  It has been and continues to be important to me to help the patients gain access to services and specialists that are necessary to their overall health care and treatment plan.  I appreciated the challenge of working to provide that care at a reduced cost.  I wanted to be a part of this committee because it is always growing and evolving and working to provide an even greater array of services."

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