Sunday, November 11, 2018

TotW: Urgent Care Team 45!

Let's switch it up this week by highlighting one of our six urgent care teams who treat new recruits and walk-in patients at Promise Clinic! Meet the members of Team 45, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Vanessa Ortiz, and Meagan Hawes.

Left to Right: Kevin Fitzpatrick (M4), Vanessa Ortiz (M1), Meagan Hawes (M2)
(Not Featured: Stephanie Oh and Ila Nimgaonkar)

1. If you could give one advice to your past pre-med self?
Kevin: Remember to hang out with you friends.
Vanessa: Don't be so focused on timing. It happens when it happens and not everyone is on the same track. Have fun - go on vacations!
Meagan: Continue reading fiction.

2. Speaking of books, what's your favorite novel series?
Kevin: What's reading? 😂
Vanessa: The Series of Unfortunate Events 
Meagan: The Chronicles of Narnia

3. What would your last meal be before you die?
Kevin: Fat Cat with Bacon
Vanessa: Chicken Parm
Meagan: Something around a campfire!

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