Sunday, December 9, 2018

TotW: Urgent Care Team 33!

It's never easy being a member of an urgent care team at Promise Clinic. Although you get the incredible opportunity to serve a different face and establish a new relationship at every appointment, you are eventually forced to pass the responsibility of care over to a continuity care team. To commend them for their efforts, this week, we will be highlighting Urgent Care Team 33 whose members have been working hard to make sure that every new patient who visits Promise Clinic feels comfortable and welcomed. Meet Josh Rowe, Tara Ferrante, Augustus Chang, and Leela Biswas!

Left to Right: Josh Rowe (M1), Tara Ferrante (M2), Augustus Chang (M4), Leela Biswas (M2)

1. What is your favorite winter activity?
Josh: Being outside
Tara: Winter hiking
Gus: Skiing
Leela: Playing in the snow with my dog

2. If you could be a main character from any movie/novel, who would you be?
Josh: Leslie Knope
Tara: still thinking...😂
Gus: Batman
Leela: Gina Linetti from Brooklyn 99

3. What is your favorite sandwich?
Josh: Roast beef with provolone
Tara: Caprese
Gus: Banh Mi
Leela: Cubano

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