Wednesday, May 2, 2018

M4s of the Week: Hetal and Doug

Last week in clinic we selected the two M4s, Hetal Ray and Doug Connolly, as "people of the week"...They are totally done with their requirements for the year but still came in out of love for Promise Clinic and their patients! ­čśŐSo, we wanted to do a little highlight featuring them!
Doug Connolly (left) and Hetal Ray (right)
Please reflect on your time at Promise Clinic!

Doug: I think the strongest aspect of PC is the exposure to students across the years. It’s a great way to get advice from upperclassmen. 

Hetal: PC has been the one place in med school where I gained confidence in talking to patients and realized I was in a position to be a doctor to a patient. It’s an experience that you don’t get in any other activity. 

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