Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SCMotW: Don Langan (PharmD/MD)

Don Langan is our M2 on the Promise Clinic Pharmacy Steering Committe. Don is part of the PharmD/MD program, so he started here at Rutgers way back in 2009, fresh out of high school!! Imagine that...I'm very impressed! Before coming to RWJMS, Don deferred his admission for a year and worked as a community pharmacist at an independent pharmacy. In his free time he enjoys going to concerts and traveling. 

Don Langan (M2), Pharmacy Steering Committee
1) I know you are an M2 and Step 1 time is coming up quick...but are you planning on doing anything fun after taking Step 1? If so, what?

Don: I will be heading to Sunset Beach in North Carolina for a week to see extended family and friends. It is an annual family trip that I unfortunately missed out on last year. I made sure I scheduled Step around it and will be driving down there right after. 

2) What is your spirit animal?

Don: My spirit animal would have to be the swan. I honestly don't know much about them, but the name stuck after someone called me Don the Swan in high school. 

3) What's the best book you have ever read?

Don: Wow, tough question. First Aid 2017 is really captivating me lately, but I think I have to go with The Stranger by Camus.

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