Wednesday, February 28, 2018

TotW: Shadowing Students

(Last week at clinic Michael Enich (M2 and Social Media Guru extraordinaire) took over doing Team of the Week, and since he was doing these posts long before I was, I let him work his magic...)

Team: Three Random Students Who Were Supposed to Shadow i.e. Team 35

From left to right: Hersh Doshi (M2), Linda Gao (M4), Evan Chang (M4)

Given that the old writer of Team of the Week got to ask the questions, he decided to go with a TBT themed post! As for the picture, Linda was sad that she was always short in Team of the Week photos-- the only way to fix it was if she jumped! 

1) What is the most nostalgic decade in American History?

Linda (M4): 1860's Civil war era- so nostalgic! (Evan, as an aside: "Please put in parentheses, "Nerd".)

Evan (M4): The 90's, because Backstreet Boys.

Hersh (M2): 90's because that's when I was born.

2) Favorite 90's cartoon? 

Evan: Hey Arnold!

Hersh: Rugrats

Linda: Ren and Stimpy

3) Most nostalgic scent?

: Fruit Loops. It's like lunchtime for me every day!

Hersh: BBQ (but I'm a vegetarian).

Evan: Like a fireplace.

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