Tuesday, January 2, 2018

TotW: SLIGHTLY BELATED New Years Post with Team 20 plus Johnathan

2018 is officially upon us! Due to a certain cardio exam followed by the holidays, this post is just a tad late, but awesome Team 20 came to clinic before the break and welcomed Johnathan to shadow with them as well! They posed for an AMAZING photo and answered some questions reflecting on 2017 and explaining goals for 2018 as well. Happy New Year to all!

From left to right: Johnathan Yao (M1), Andrea Barreto (M1), Akash Patel (M4), Andrew Glavin (M2)

1) What is your favorite Holiday Tradition?
(M1): Andrea Barreto - Decorating the tree! I’ll go classic!

(M1 SHADOW): Johnathan Yao - Cozying up by a fire with a good book.  

(M2): Andrew Glavin - I’m going to be in Hawaii so I’m trying to make that my NEW holiday tradition!

(M4): Akash Patel-  Potluck with my extended family!
2) What is one New Year's resolution you want to make this year?
(M1): Andrea Barreto - I’m hopefully doing a Spartan Race in April, so trying to prepare for that!

(M1 SHADOW): Johnathan Yao - I want to start a blog about my experience in med school.

(M2): Andrew Glavin - I want to learn my pharmacology so that when Akash asks me questions, I actually know the answers ;)

(M4): Akash Patel-  I don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions. I want to read more books, like Johnathan.

2) What was your favorite thing that happened in 2017?
(M1): Andrea Barreto - Reading my letters at white coat was incredible especially because my whole family was in different parts of the world.

(M1 SHADOW): Johnathan Yao - Starting med school was the actual best BUT I traveled to Japan by myself this summer and that was a great experience!

(M2): Andrew Glavin - I went to yellowstone this summer and went white water rafting - it was the highest amount of water they have had in 30 years. I thought I was going to die. It was awesome!

(M4): Akash Patel-  I went to Seattle for 4 days. I went  in July and it was the best! Wineries and hiking!

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