Monday, October 2, 2017

TotW: National Bakery Day

Our team of the week for Thursday, September 28th is Team 38! Little known fact: September 28th was the first annual National Bakery Day. So, Team 38 answered a few bakery-related questions after they were done providing quality care for their patient. They each have a great sense of humor despite the disappointing fact that not one of them is an avid dessert lover!

Team 38 (from left to right): Anya McDermott (M2), Tom Kuriakose (M3), Linda Gao (M4), Anna Levitt (M1)

1) Are you a good cook and/or baker?
Anna: I'm a good cook but not baker.

Anya: Same as Anna--I'm a cook, not a baker.

Tom: Hell yea!!! (Write it "Y-E-A" so they know I'm serious about this.)

Linda: I'm good at everything I do.
2) What’s your favorite dessert?
Anna: Cheese plate.

Anya: Chocolate chip cookies.

Tom: Boba.

Linda: Curly fries.
3) Some people like baking in the sun and some people like skiing...what’s your ideal vacation?
Anna: A mountainous type of place like the Andes.

Anya: Somewhere where I can be active and lazy.

Tom: far away from Piscataway, NJ as possible.

Linda: A hike in Patagonia.

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