Saturday, September 16, 2017

TotW 9/14/17 Autumn is Coming

Fall is just around the corner! Everyone is back in the swing of the school routine and student doctors at Promise Clinic are busy as always. This week we are featuring Team 28; there were only two of them this week, but of course they took great care of their patient anyway. Fun fact: both Pratheek and Aisha are lefties!

Pratheek Mangini (M2, left) and Aisha Van Pratt Levin (M3, right)

1) What did you do this summer?
Pratheek Mangini (M2): Took a road trip with his family to several national parks out west in UT and AZ, did some urology research, and was back for O-Team!
Aisha Van Pratt Levin (M3): Studied for STEP. And went to the beach to procure mental health! :)

2) Halloween movies are starting to come out...what scary movie scares you the most?
Pratheek (M2): Babadook
Aisha (M3): Mother

3) What’s your favorite body of water?
Pratheek (M2): Atlantic Ocean
Aisha (M3): La Riviera Maya

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